About Moldex Products, Inc.

The performance and execution of one's duties with the highest degree of competence, intelligence, skills and utmost perfection.

One who constantly surpasses own accomplishment by:
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• In the right manner
• Using the right amount of resources

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Honest and Integrity
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Moldex Products, Inc. (MPI) resulted from a proprietorship business organized by Mr. Jacinto Uy in the mid-sixties. The company's initial operations involved reprocessing of plastic waste materials into pellets, which the firm sold to downstream product manufacturers. After a few years, the proprietorship business graduated from reprocessing of scrap to the production of plastic seals and PVC bottle compounds. PVC bottle compounds were then used as raw materials to produce clear and transparent plastic bottles, which, at that time, were an attractive substitute for glass bottles for hair care products, toiletries and other similar types of applications.

On 17 March 1972, the proprietorship business was incorporated and registered with the SEC. The production of rigid PVC plastic film was introduced as a new product line. Two extruder lines were acquired from Japan. Large pharmaceutical companies made use of the PVC film as material for blister packing its various pharmaceutical products. Subsequently, a substantial number of other local pharmaceutical companies followed suit making Moldex the principal supplier of rigid uPVC film to the industry.

In early 1979, MPI diversified into the manufacture of PVC, polyethylene (PE), and polybutylene (PB) pipes and tubings. Much later, other product lines were introduced. These included corrugated electrical and telecom conduits as well as branded sanitary sewer pipes and fittings. The markets for these products are varied as they have industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

Given its continued insistence for the manufacture of quality products, MPI today is recognized as a leader and quality producer in the PVC pipes industry and a BOI-registered budding exporter of uPVC rigid film.


MPI's principal offices are located in a 9-storey building along Ligaya Street corner West Avenue, Quezon City.

Moldex Product's Inc. Marilao Bulacan Plant

The MPI manufacturing facilities are now located in Marilao, Bulacan. The entire site contains a total area of 20 hectares. Only 6.6 hectares are occupied leaving ample space for future expansion. The transfer from its previous 3.3-hectare plant in Valenzuela, Bulacan was completed in 1996 following the implementation of MPI's expansion and modernization program for its pipes and PVC film businesses. Well-built structures designed for a comfortable and sanitary environment serve to house the various production lines, warehousing and administrative needs. The structures were designed together with U.S. based engineers to withstand typhoons, minimize entry of dust and reduce temperature in the work areas. All roadways within the factory are concreted and amply provided with appropriate drainage systems and culverts. The company's films plant also received its ISO 9002 accreditation in March 1997 that was important in entering the world export market.


MPI carries the following product lines:

• Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipes & fittings (Moldex HDPE)
• Polyethylene (PE) tubes and fittings (PE Fusion Pipes and Fittings)
• Sanitary piping systems (Sanimold Extra, Sanimold Regular)
• Corrugated and rigid electrical pipes & fittings (Moldcon, MoldFlex)
• PVC in-house water pipes and fitting (Moldex Blue)
• PVC films and packaging materials (Clarex PVC Films)
• Imported Hot & Cold Polypropylene (Wavin PPR Hot and Cold Water Piping System)
• Random (PPR) pipes and fittings

Raw Materials With nearly thirty years experience in the manufacture of plastic products, MPI has developed a reliable network for its raw materials, spare parts, and other supply requirements. In terms of cost, PVC resin is the company's principal raw material requirement. These are procured locally and from abroad. Inventory levels are determined based on MPI's readings of price trends that have become an intrinsic part of MPI's operational procedures. MPI similarly adopts at the least a two-supplier policy in order to maintain integrity of pricing and to keep alternative sources of supply.

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